The Timeless Way Foundation, the only education think tank
in Texas, is dedicated to improving communities through

Our Vision:  Where We Are Going

Improved education will lead to a renaissance in America.  We
envision a Texas Renaissance fueled by an educated citizenry.

Our Belief:  Why We Will Succeed

We believe the individual and the community realize their full
potential through education.

Our Need:  Why this Organization Exists

Our society is under great pressure today.  The world has
become more threatening while our leadership has become
less successful.  For the prosperity of our children and the
survival of our society, we must better prepare our children for
the challenging future they will face.  

If our children -- facing greater challenges than we have faced
-- are to have a better life than we have had, then we must
prepare them for leadership.  We need better leaders for a
better future.

Our Plan:  How We Will Succeed

We will succeed in preparing our children for a challenging
future by developing a core group of parents engaged in the
education of their children.  This core group of parents will
model successful involvement, opening opportunities for more
parents to learn how they can contribute to their children's

Join Us

We parents are most effective when we work together.

When our children see other parents setting standards for their
children and being involved in their children's education, then
our children better understand the importance of the lessons
we strive to impart upon them.

Children want to feel a part of something greater than
themselves and their families.  Join us and help give them
something greater.  
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Tips for Parents page has suggestions for parents in
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Winding Spring Process page describes a framework
for the interaction of the community with the process of
education. This framework, developed by the Timeless Way
Foundation, is called the
Winding Spring Process of Education.

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