The Winding Spring Process

The founder of the Timeless Way Foundation recognized within
the masterpiece called
The Great Learning, the Da Xue, a
framework describing the interaction of the community with the
process of education.

He named this framework the
Winding Spring Process of
, and was inspired to work towards improved
involvement by families and the community in the education of
our children.

The process has 16 steps in two phases.  Click on the
navigation bar named "Documents" to learn details of the
Winding Spring Process of Education.  What follows is a very
brief outline.

Phase 1: The learning phase (youth)

1. Enlightened leadership
2. Supportive community
3. Nurturing family
4. Self-cultivation
5. The orderly mind
6. Extending knowledge
7. The investigation of things
8. The sincere heart

Phase 2:  The application phase (maturity)

1. Sincerity
2. The investigation of things
3. Extending knowledge
4. The orderly mind
5. Self-cultivation
6. Nurturing family
7. Orderly society
8. World peace.

Go to the
Documents page for more details.

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