The Texas Ascendant Campaign
Education Lifts High the Star of Texas

Education is creating historic change in Texas

The State of Texas has been investing in education and working
to improve the education of its citizens.

We are seeing growth in the arts and in business in Texas, fueled
by a better educated population.

We are not seeing better leadership, but that can be fixed by
addressing the omission of moral education and by including
moral lessons from history, such as found in Plutarch's
Lives of
the Nobel Greeks and Romans
or The History of the
Peloponnesian War
by Thucydides.

There is no need to let change happen randomly.  Recognizing
that change driven by education is beneficial, we should nurture
this change so it can reach is highest potential.  To this end, I
propose the Texas Ascendancy Campaign.

The Texas Ascendancy Campaign

The Texas Ascendancy Campaign is a plan for Texas to reach its
highest potential.  This campaign is made up of projects: the
Texas Business and Arts Renaissance (TBAR) and the Texas
Leadership Revolution (TLR)
are the major projects.  Click on the
following link to see a
diagram illustrating the portions of the
Texas Ascendancy Campaign.

The year 2008 ended with the American economy in a meltdown
and American foreign affairs at their lowest point since Vietnam
because the national leadership controlin both the economic
policy and foreign policy of our country has failed.

America and the entire world need Texas to grow in power and
influence and become a counterweight to the establishment.  
America needs better leadership and it is up to Texas to provide

Texas Ascendant blog shares ideas for the Texas
Ascendancy Campaign

TBAR: the Texas Business and Arts Renaissance

There is money and influence to be found in the arts.  We need
to focus greater attention on developing business and influence
from the arts.  This would go beyond the film industry.  The
publishing industry is weak and Texas can make inroads there.  
Television is weak.  There is a big enough market in Texas to
launch a new television network, or a cable network.

The music industry is going through changes and there is always
money to be made in change.  Texas could get some of that
money.  We have the talent to grow in Texas, we just need the
vision and the leadership.

The U.S. banking industry teetered at the edge of collapse in
2008.  America's banking industry is mediocre, incompetent, and
corrupt.  All America pays the consequences for the failure of the
bankers and financiers. Texas needs to become a financial
center to rival New York City, providing balance and stability
within the banking industry.

The Texas Business and Arts Renaissnce will result in power and
influence.  America and the entire world desperately need Texas
to provide the sound leadership that is missing in our leadership.

TLR: the Texas Leadership Revolution

America needs better leaders and the 12th Man Writ Large
project is one example of a program to improve leadership in
Texas.  Texas as well as America would benefit from the
Man Writ Large

Maybe not every school district in Texas feels ready to seek
greatness.  Maybe some districts are struggling with academic
skills.  The
Timeless Way Institute has developed a Community
Compact for Education that could help some districts gain the
parental support needed as a foundation for successful

To make a significant difference in America and the world, Texas
leadership needs something lacking in the leadership circles of
America:  integrity and competence.

Integrity and competence are the keystone and cornerstone of
the Texas Leadership Revolution.


We are at the door to greatness.  We only need the vision and
will power to cross the threshold and begin our journey to
Timeless Way Foundation

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