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Here is a link to our blog, Education for the 21st Century, which is
hosted on the Blogger website.

Texas Ascendant blog supports the Texas Ascendancy
, found here in this website.  The Plano Parents blog
supports education in Plano, Texas.


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a set of
standards you can read
online.  You can compare the national
standards to the math goals in the TEKS (see below).


Texas has a state curriculum described by the "Texas Essential
Knowledge and Skills" (TEKS).  Parents can view the state
curriculum at this Texas Education Agency web page:
Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

To truly assess a curriculum, one needs to consider the
educational aims or goals of the curriculum.  The Texas Education
Agency has published its mission and goals in this document:
Mission, Goals, and Objectives for Texas Public Education
These objectives are part of the Code of Education.

The TAKS: Viewing and Downloading the Test

Parents can view and also download TAKS tests given in previous
years.  The files are in PDF format so you can print them.  You
can use them to help tutor your children by giving them old tests
and coaching them on their weaknesses because you can also
download the answer keys.  The files can be big, so you need a
DSL or broadband connection to access these files.

If you are curious about the tests or you have doubts about the
tests, you should look at the tests yourself.  I have heard parents
say things about the test that are untrue, and I am sure some
critics of the test have not looked at the test.

When is the TAKS Test?

Click here for the TAKS testing schedule.  Watch out!  The
reading and writing tests in grades 3, 4, and 5 happen earlier than
you might expect.

The TAKS: Viewing School Results

You can check on the TAKS scores of a school by clicking on this
link for the 2010 results, this link for the 2009 results, this link for
2008 results, this link for 2007 results, this link for 2006 results,
link for 2005 results, and this link for 2004 results.  It will take
you to a form at the TEA site where you click a button labeled
"Select District Name."  Then you enter the district name, Everman
or Plano e.g., and hit "Continue".  If the link has been moved or
the lastest results are not yet on this page, then (1) go to the TEA
site. Select "Accountability" on the left hand navigation bars.  (2)
Select "Accountability Ratings" on the page that appears (2nd
from top). (3) Select 2006 ratings on the nav bar at the left. (4)
Finally, select "
List Ratings by District", on the top of the new page.

There are reports that combine much data, academic and
financial. Because of the financial data, these reports lag in time.  
Here is a link for the
2009 results, 2008 results, 2007 results.

Financial Actual Reports

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) presents the taxpayers with
the Actual Financial Report summaries
at this link.

The Texas Education Code

It is important for parents to be able to read the state laws related
to education.  Parents concerned about their child's safety can
learn of a principal's responsibilties by reading the state laws and
insisting the principal fulfill his or her responsibilities.  The link now
is to
Texas Statutes.  In the drop box for "Code", look for the
Education Code, then negotiate down to the chapter and section
you want.

News Sites Related to Education


Here is a link to a paper by Patrick Suppes on The Aims of
Education.  The community and the schools must be committed to
the same aims of education for the educational experience of the
children to be fully successful.  Reading the paper by Suppes
helps one appreciate the difficulty of establishing goals for
education by selecting from a wealth of worthy ideals to a narrow
range of ideals to implement.

Philosophy of Education Society  is a source of ideas for

Free Online Education

The Dallas Morning News had an interesting article in the January
7, 2008 issue: "
Public School in Virtual Privacy" by Karen Ayres
Smith.  The article was about the
Texas Virtual Academy.  It is a
charter school, but online.  This allows permits home schooling
while getting the support of a charter school.

Links on Community Building

Good schools depend upon good families and good communities.

Search Institute in Minneapolis is a good resource for
community building.

Timeless Way Institute recommends the Six Maxims of Ming
Wang Yangming's Community Compact to strengthen
Timeless Way Foundation

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