Press Release: Plano Senior High Debaters to Final Four
Press Release:  Plano Debaters 2nd in Global Contest

Math Rocks  A presentation on Plano's Math Rocks program.

Community Compacts

Community compacts can be powerful tools to strengthen
education by improving community involvement.

The Timeless Way Institute has a description of
compacts and a sample Compact for Education.

Winding Spring Process of Education, described below, is
an advanced framework for interaction between community and
the process of education.  Until we have more enlightened
leadership and more community involvement, parents need to
focus on
skill mastery and leadership training for their children.

Math and reading are examples of
skills for mastery.  
Leadership training can be taught by parents a number of ways.
There are leadership lessons in the Bible as well as in a books
On Duties (De Officiis) by Cicero.

The Winding Spring Process of Education

We have prepared some documents describing the Winding
Spring Process of Education
.  Remember, these are advanced

Springboard for a Better Future is a short speech I gave. It is in
PDF format.  It relates education to leadership.

Unleashing the Power of Education is a presentation in PDF, 21
slides long, introducing the Winding Spring Process of

The Winding Spring Process of Education is a 2,500 word PDF
document describing the process.

School Plan is a 1,350 word PDF document describing a
possible implementation of the Winding Spring Process of

Example Themes is a 1,620 word PDF document giving more
examples of the high school themes described in The School


For parents wanting to provide a free coding environment for
you children to learn C or C++, here is a PDF document that
details how to
Install the Eclipse IDE for C/C++.  This is a
professional tool, so the installation is a bit of work, but it is a
free tool used by many professionals.

Logic in programming requires understanding truth tables for
the AND and OR logical operators.  Here is
a truth table, hand
written, for the AND and OR operators, including the bit-wise
operators that are used in C Programming.  As a bonus, there is
a second page that has the truth tables for the conditional and
biconditional operators, which are used in mathematical proofs.  
The 2nd page is for math, not for programming.

Algebra 1

Here is a copy of the released Algebra 1 exam from California.
Timeless Way Foundation

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