Many years ago I read an article about a boy who graduated first
in his class in a Washington, D.C., high school and was not
accepted into any of the colleges to which he applied.

The June 26, 2006 Dallas Morning News had an article about a
girl who graduated from a high school south of Dallas with a low B
average and was surprised she needed three remedial classes in
Math and one in English when she went to college.

These children suffered from the discrepancy between the
educational standards of their communities and the level of
preparation needed to succeed in college.

The Timeless Way Foundation is working to help communities
achieve the educational standards their children will need to
succeed in the challenging world of global competition.

At the other end of the spectrum we have graduates of the most
prestigious universities in America destroying the corporations
they run and ruining the pubic affairs with which they have been
entrusted.  They might be smart, but they cannot make  good

Between these extremes are the children of the shrinking middle
class.  They must find some path to survive in the middle in spite
of bad advice from public officials and the destructive actions of

All the children of America need a better education.  If they
cannot find a way to survive the difficult years ahead, then
America cannot survive.

Our children should do more than survive, they should thrive.
With the right education and the right intention we can have a
Renaissance in America, and we can start with a Texas
Renaissance, which I call
TBAR, the Texas Business and Arts

The world is changing so rapidly we cannot predict what the
future will look like.  We must prepare our children for a future
beyond our imagination.  We must prepare our children to be
tomorrow's leaders.  We need a plan to meet this goal and I call
this project
TLR, the Texas Leadership Revolution.

Our work on community building and education at the
Way Institute  led us to the Winding Spring Process of
Education.  Public education is such a complex issue that the
Timeless Way Foundation was created to focus on this issue.

Robert Canright
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