The 12th Man Writ Large
Plano for the Presidency

Texans know the story of E. King Gill, the 12th Man at the Texas
A&M game of 1922.  America needs strong, smart, capable
Presidents.  We citizens of Plano, Texas need to have a 12th
Man attitude and prepare our children as though each one might
be President of the United States of America.

If you were with me in Texas Stadium, Saturday December 15,
2007, you saw
true grit as the Plano S.H. Wildcats battled
Euless Trinity in double overtime to see who would eventually be
state champions in football.  If you were there, you have no doubt
that our children are capable of great things.  We can develop
the best leaders in America right here in Plano, Texas.  The key
is character development and a good grounding in history.

We can and we should have our children ready, like the 12th
Man, to step forward in a time of trouble and lead our country.

If you see a good deed you can do for others, and it does not
cost you a penny to do this good deed, are you not doing wrong
when you ignore the good deed?  

What greater good can Plano or the state of Texas do than to
provide America with its best leader, a President who might save
America in a crisis?  This is too important to leave to chance.  We
must plan and work towards this goal.

It does not cost extra money to rear up our children for
greatness. Justice, foresight, commitment, and wisdom are the
building materials for greatness, and they cannot be purchased.

Our children are as good as any in America.  Our children do not
have to take a back seat to anyone.  

If we embrace this attitude, then some day in the future when a
leader is needed, to be a Senator or to lead a large corporation,
people are not going to say, "Let's get a Harvard grad," or "Let's
get a Yale grad."  No, people looking for a leader will say, "Let's
get a Plano grad!"

I invite all the cities and towns of Texas to work together to send
to Washington the best President ever to serve our country.  If
we all work toward this goal, people looking for leadership will
say, "Let's get a Texan!"

Robert Canright
Timeless Way Foundation

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